How to wear a hat with long hair - Hairstyles for hats

I wear my hair long and loose 
with cloche hats and summer sun hats, 
but there are several 
different types of hairstyles 
that work best with different hats. 


In this video for BirchboxTV
NYC hatmaker Satya Twena 
and hair stylist Jeff Chastain 
give tips and tricks 
for hat hairstyles.

A fall hat hairstyle 
gets a little shape 
from a teasing brush. 

A statement hat 
is allowed to shine 
by putting hair in a low ponytail. 

Satya really shines 
when she shows how to use 
a few bobby pins 
and the elastic from a fascinator 
to create an updo.

She also shows exactly how 
to position a veil across the face 
for that classic 'femme fatale' look!

I am not really excited about fascinators, 
but I am glad I know 
how to wear one with an updo 
for a clean evening look!

The video is here: http://youtu.be/bKkPf8YWZa4

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  1. A hat wears secret: use a bobby pin to make a small pincurl atop your head, then put on your hat and slide your hat pin beneath or through the bobby pin. The wind will not be able to blow off your hat...you can even do cartwheels in your hat if you are so inclined!

  2. Excellent tips specially the tutorial video, how to wear hat with long hair. Simply excellent and eye catchy post. Well done and thanks for share.


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