Downton Abbey Season Three - the Hats!

 Downton Abbey Season Three Episodes

 I love Downton Abbey. Luckily, I stumbled across a fellow blogger that does, too. The Life of a Suburban Princess blog posted a list of full episodes for season three here: 

Here is a short teaser video for season three: 


Downton Abbey Premiere Party

The tailored tea

The Tailored Tea, one of my favorite places to get a pot of tea in the Capital Region, is hosting a Downton Abbey Premiere Party on Twelfth Night, Sunday, January 6, 2013. High tea will be served, then we'll all watch the premiere!

The Hats of Downton Abbey

Anibundel has put together a good roundup of the hats of Downton Abbey from the first two seasons here: 

NYC based Milliner Abigail Aldridge has a collection of Downton Abbey season three inspired hats here:

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  1. Another fan of Downton Abbey! I love it!


  2. Absolutely love Downton Abbey! The hats are so amazing for sure.

    1. Rachel, I agree, especially into the 1920's.

  3. obsessed with the show too! can't wait till season 3 :) Thanks for stoping by my blog..so glad to have found yours :)

    xoxo, Tiffany

  4. Oh that will be a great party! Also, as a side note... I bought a hat the other day. Granted it was a winter hat, but still. I've now expanded my hat collection to a total of 2. I know you'd be proud! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. The fashions on that marvelous show can do no wrong in my books. I'm in such an Edwardian era into the 20s mood right now, so this post is especially up my alley at the moment. Could you imagine how fun it would be to spend an hour (or a week!) in the costume department of DA? I practically go weak in the knees just thinking about it! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. We'll just back up a van and let them wheel the entire wardrobe into our hot little hands!

  6. nice post!like your blog!check mine if you want!want to follow each other?thanks

  7. I love the hats, shoes, gloves...you name it and I am adoring Downton Abbey. Thanks for dropping by my blog and Happy New Year.

  8. hopflower1/14/2013

    Sorry, but High Tea is supper served after 5:00. You are enjoying Afternoon Tea at the Tailored Tea Shop.

    1. Hopflower,
      You are correct about High Tea! We had high tea at 7:30 pm and watched the premiere afterward. Downton Abbey shows on Sunday Night here in New York.

    2. hopflower2/11/2013

      Thank you. I should be: my family is English.

  9. Anonymous1/24/2013

    I love Downton Abbey hats...so much so.. I contacted a lady on line who makes hats
    and sent her a picture of one of the hats Mary wore in the first season... she recreated it for me with a few extras... I LOVED THE HAT WHEN I GOT IT !
    go to her on the internet... Chapeaus by Cynthia..
    very reasonably priced

    1. Here is a link to the hat Karan is talking about - http://www.chapeausbycynthialee.com/commissioned-replica

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