Book Review - From the Neck Up An Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking by Denise Dreher

Expert Advice on How to Clean a Vintage Hat

Denise Dreher recently send me a copy of her book From The Neck Up An Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking. 

As a hat owner, I found the information in Lesson Fourteen: Renovations and Alterations quite useful.  
In the chapter, Dreher offers advice on cleaning an old hat. 

  • Straw hats should be brushed clean, since many cannot be washed. 

  • Fabric covered hats may be cleaned with dry cleaning fluid, steaming, washing or ironing. 

She also gives tips on how to cleaning veiling and iron velvet hats. 

Did you know that an old felt hat can be reblocked? 
A crumpled straw hat can be ironed? 
A crushed flower can be restored with steam?

The rest of the book looks like a great resource for learning more about designing and making hats. I recommend An Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking to vintage hat owners looking for information on how to care for their millinery.

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  1. When I first was learning about hat-making this book was very useful. I am glad that it is still in print.

  2. What a thoroughly interesting sounding book. I adore the classic art of millinery and just know I'd love this book, too. Off to go add it to my Amazon wish list (that's at least two books I've discovered from your blog now that I can't wait to hopefully read one day).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Great review, sounds so fascinating!



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