Tips on buying Kentucky Derby hats and attending the 2013 Kentucky Derby

How to buy a Kentucky Derby hat

Diane, the milliner behind Lady Diane hats, says that “the Kentucky Derby is as much a fashion show as it is a horse race, especially for those who don’t mind being noticed and the center of attention.”

Why Wear a Hat to the Kentucky Derby?

Diane shares a story from one of her customers and her own experience at the Kentucky Derby: 

“On the morning of the Derby she called me so excited.  She had already hat a TV interview and her photo was taken for the next day’s Courier Journal newspaper.  She even called back again in a few hours to tell me how many more photos of her were taken by total strangers.

That pretty well sums up my Derby experiences as well.  I would estimate that every time we have gone to the Derby, we have had 500 to 1,000 photos taken of us. It is truly an unbelievable experience, especially if you have the courage to wear a fancy hat.  ‘Go big or go home’ is my motto.”

Tips on How to Shop for a Kentucky Derby Hat and Outfit

Diane shared that many times, women purchase a hat and then try to find an outfit to match the hat.  Diane prefers to match the hat to the outfit - she recommends that ladies attending the Kentucky Derby purchase their outfits first. 

What dress to wear to the Kentucky Derby? Diane has several photos of ladies wearing her hats at horse racing events from around the country, including the Kentucky Derby on her photos page at http://www.ladydianehats.com/Photos.html

Tips on Attending the Kentucky Derby

I was surprised to learn some new things about the Kentucky Derby from Diane. She said that Kentucky Derby tickets are not delivered until about a week or so before the Derby, but she recommended that ladies going to the Kentucky Derby book their airline and hotel reservations early. One can fly into Louisville or Cincinnati. Diane says that all Derby tickets are scalped - the price on the ticket will be less than you pay for it! 

Kentucky Derby hat

How to Win a Kentucky Derby Lady Diane Hat

Diane has just started her Lady Diane Hats Facebook page and would like you to visit.  By Clicking "Like" on the Facebook page you will be entered into her Hat drawing. A winner will be picked in mid February 2013 and will receive the hat of their choice with a value of up to $400.  

To enter, go to their website:  www.ladydianehats.com and click on the Facebook icon at the top of the homepage.  When you arrive at their Facebook page, click on the “Like” icon and you are entered in the hat drawing.

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  1. The grandeur and elegance of the fashions of the Kentucky Derby are so wonderfully appealing, even for someone like me who doesn't live in the States. I would so love to attend one day!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I always love seeing the hats from the ladies at the derby. I have never been, but would totally love to go to one some day!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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