How to Wear a Hat 'Academy' - Class Six: What hat to wear to polo and the races

How to Wear a Hat 'Academy'

A list of articles that will give you the confidence to wear and care for your dress hats. Topics include how to buy a hat, how to care for your hats, how to wear hats and style advice for wearing ladies dress hats to the races and polo. 

Class Six:

Where To Go In Your Hat

Style advice for hat friendly social occasions like the racetrack and an American polo match. 

Celine Robert hat, Zara dress, Pimm's cup


Polo Style advice from Style For Hire Stylist Paula O'Neil

Tips on what to wear to an American Polo match. 

Racing Fashion

RacingFashion Tips from Australia, New Zealand and Ireland - What to do and what NOT to do when it comes to having winning fashion at the races.



Whathat to wear with a polka dot dress – a quick bit of video advice for pairing hats with polka dot and other multi-colored dresses.


 Barbara Feinman hat, Tiffany necklace, WHBM dress

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  1. I love the lace zara dress! Like the way you twinned the colour of the belt and hat in that outfit.

  2. Wonderful tips, Kathleen! I just adore the outfit (and hat) that you're wearing in the Saratoga photo.

    ♥ Jessica


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