How To Wear a Hat Like A French Lady

Je ne sais quoi. 

This French phrase is used to describe 
something that cannot be described. 
Like - how dry Rose wine 
tastes better in the summer sunshine. 
Like - how roses from a lover 
smell sweeter than those I buy for myself. 

Garance Dore exudes a certain 'je ne sais quoi' 
as she sits, immersed in conversation in her hat. 

The photo and blog post is here: 

Garance shares her experience of 
walking down the street in a hat she adores. 
People can't help but admire her.

Is it just the hat? 
Or is it how her personality 
just blossoms when she wears it?

This lady sure knows who she is 
and loves herself, 
doesn't she?

Has a hat ever made you feel 
like a Vogue fashion spread?


  1. Every hat I own makes me feel special in its own unique way. Sure, some are more glamorous or eye-catching than others, but there isn't a single one that does imbue an extra dose of femininity and fashionable beauty in whatever outfit I'm wearing (and I love them dearly for that). Hats themselves are special works of art and it's only fitting that they should, in turn, make us feel special.

    ♥ Jessica


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