Mother of the Bride Dresses and Hats Video

What outfit and hat should a Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom wear to a wedding?

By: Kathleen Lisson

London milliner Nigel Rayment shares several classy, elegant options for Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom outfits and hats in this video:


I adore the very first outfit and hat as well as the lavender lace ensemble.  These outfits can be re-worn for Easter or a nice dinner - perhaps your anniversary of Valentine's day. 

If you are hesitant about wearing a hat, I suggest you go to the hat shop in the outfit you plan to wear to the wedding. Of course a hat will look too dressy if you are trying it on in a pair of jeans.

Remember - you are PART of the ceremony, not just a guest at the wedding. Your role is to be well dressed and support the bride and groom. So go ahead and wear something that makes you feel fabulous!

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  1. No one knows modern wedding hats like the Brits. Awesome choice to turn to one for guidance on this subject, especially with spring wedding season just around the corner.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Jessica, I had never thought of it that way - thanks! You're right, British sensibilities are so perfect for weddings.

  3. My best friend is getting married in September and her future mother in law wants to wear a hat to the wedding. The only thing is, she will probably be the only person in a hat. Since you are the hat expert, what do you think!?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Yi-chia,
      If she wants to wear a hat, I think she should! I hear a lot more stories about people being FORCED to wear hats that don't like them then the other way around. I liked all the hats and styles in this video. Boston milliner Marie Galvin could also offer her ideas - http://www.galvinized-hats.com/

  4. I loved the looks in this video. I think it is very difficult to find appropriate mother of the bride outfits that don't look like bridesmaid outfits.
    I too was in attendance at a wedding as the step mother of the bride. I knew that I would probably be the only one wearing a hat. So I wore a very small facinator. I didn't want to appear to be upstaging the mother of the bride. I ended up comfortable with my look and actually got compliments from the bride's mothers sisters. I was glad I didn't forgo something on my head because that is my taste. The bride loved the look and was happy with what I wore so it was a win win all around. So I think she should wear a hat.

  5. I think the mother of the bride look is very difficult to pull off without looking to matronly or too "trying-to-be-young". A great hat could definitely be the way to go, but I can already picture my mum stressing out if that day comes :D

    Personally, I think pillbox hats are very classic and suit most shapes and a bit of twist can make the outfit modern & chic.

    Kathleen, people just don't wear enough hats these days! This is why I love your blog as it's different :)



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