Winter Hats 2013 / 2014 - what winter hat to buy on the clearance racks this Spring!

 Winter Hats 2013 / 2014

By: Kathleen Lisson

Winter is the time when I wear my hats the most, but I don't have that many outfit posts because I tend to wear the same hat and coat day after day. 

Here are the hats and coats I am wearing this fall and winter:

This black Scala hat has been my go-to hat for walking to and from work. I wear it with my fur coat. 

 I really enjoyed wearing berets last Fall, pairing them with a light jacket.

This cloche from Macy's was my go-to hat in late Autumn if I didn't wear a beret with my outfit.

This white faux-fur hat from Topshop is perfect for warmer winter days. I look forward to wearing this outfit more in March and April. 

This feather fascinator headband from Galvinized Hats in Boston, MA has been my go-to hairpiece for going out to dinner, a fundraiser or a music performance in the evening.

Advice on Buying a Winter Hat - 

Based on what I have learned this year, my advice is to buy one or two sturdy winter hats that cover your ears and match your favorite jacket.  I have two additional hats wasting space in my closet that I just don't wear. Learn from my mistakes and buy less hats for next winter!

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  1. I ought to pick up some sale hats, my ears are always freezing. I love your white furry topshop one!

  2. All of these winter toppers are terrific, Kathleen. The green beret is my favourite on you, with the elegant feather fascinator coming in a close second. I picked up a couple of new vintage winter hats this season, including a gorgeous (the seller had it listed as 40s, but part of me feels like it's 30s, just based on the design) black one with long, eye-catching feathers on one side. I think it might be my new favourite winter hat that I have.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I can't wait to see your hats!

  3. I love the feather fascinator headband, it's just perfect.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. beautiful hats... you always look stunning in them.
    i got my hands on some new pieces the last weeks. ... meanwhile i started thinking about buying dresses to match the hat - not the way round ;)

  5. Great temperament Winter Hats collection, I like so much, thanks for your sharing.


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