How to Match a Coat and Hat - Fall Style 2013

 What Hat to Wear in the Winter?

Classic Winter Coat Style - Pairing Black and Camel

 by Kathleen Lisson

The temperatures are in the high 30's and 40's these days and I am keeping warm by pairing my camel colored Ann Klein Wool-Cashmere-Blend Walker coat I purchased a few years ago with a news hat for Fall 2013. I found this Merona Cloche hat in camel while shopping at Target!
cloche hat

what hat to wear in the winter

Hat: Merona
Coat: Anne Klein
Pearls: Ross-Simons
Pin: My mother's

The Merona cloche hat is a little on the larger side of medium, so it covers my ears and keeps my head warm without smashing my hair down.

Do you wear a matching hat with your winter coat?

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  1. Nice to see you again! Such a pretty hat with this coat. I like this color with your hair and skin. Just came from Target myself and they do have a good hats.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Ann,
      I agree! Camel is great with red hair.

  2. Sharply sophisticated pairing, dear Kathleen. You look so wonderfully stylish and pretty!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. The new hat is really lovely Kathleen. It goes so well with your coat! I like having a hat to go with a coat though when I bought a 1920's inspred hat from a designer in London and I wanted a purple one to match my coat, she told me to buy the green instead! I think I'd have preferred the purple!

    1. Always go with your gut. So many people do not get our sense of style.

  4. Very beautiful hat and coat! I love it:) kisses Beata

  5. Beautiful new hat! It looks so cozy with your coat. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, it's great to see you.

  6. Just lovely...looks so beautiful with your hair!

  7. Classic. Beautiful. Your mother's pin and your pearls are perfect. Elegant outdoor wear is something I don't see very often in my city.

  8. The hats at the Target here were all "one size" and were much too small for my big-giant-head. I settled for one from the men's department, which I like muchly, but it's nowhere near as glamorous as you in you cloche!

  9. No one does hat like you.. at least not on Blogosphere! You look so elegant and well put together and I am a huge fan of camel color combo like this.


  10. The name of your blog is very cute and unique. and this hat you have one would be so envied by my Mom. She was a hat gal. Not me so much. But I am going to start following you, anyway. lol

  11. There you go! Perfect.
    And there you are ... glad to see you on VM again.
    I should wear a hat, with all my hairy angst of late. Good solution, probably.
    You look lovely and delicate as a tea-cake. Pretty.


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