How to Style a Grey Dress - Fall / Winter 2014 fashion

What Hat to Wear with a Grey Dress

by: Kathleen Lisson

I bought a grey dress from Modcloth after seeing so much press on grey as a fashion trend for 2013. I usually look right past grey clothing because bright colors are so much more attention-getting, but I am happy that I added grey to my wardrobe. Having an outfit in a 'wallflower' color like grey allows me to add a statement hat without the whole look feeling too over-the-top.

DAR ladies
 Four ladies from the Van Rensselaer Chapter of the DAR!

gray dress
My proud husband, Arun

Dress: Modcloth Pondside Processional Dress in Slate
Hat: The Hat Shop
Gloves: Vintage

I wore my grey dress and a beautiful grey hat I found at The Hat Shop in Soho this spring to the October meeting of the Van Rensselaer Chapter of the Daughter of the American Revolution. I took my official oath and received my membership card at this month's meeting! We also donated clothes and toiletries to homeless veterans.

DAR member

Thanks to my fellow DAR member Carol for taking these photos.

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  1. Immensely lovely ensemble. Grey is a colour that comes back into my wardrobe in heavier rotation during the fall and winter, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. You are gorgeous in grey. Love how the hat frames your face and the addition of gloves.

  3. That hat works perfectly with the dress, an ideal combination and so stylish!


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