Why You Don't Look Good in Hats - Part Two

 Why You Don't Look Good in Hats?

By Kathleen Lisson

Why do kids look so cute in hats? Because they LOVE wearing them!

Last year, a fellow blogger posted a few times about how much she enjoyed Carol Tuttle's 'Dressing Your Truth' program. I watched most of Carol's free videos and enjoyed reading her opinions on women and personal style. 

I thought of hats when I read the email titled 'Will The Real Anne Please Stand Up.' In it, she shares photos of her daughter dressed up in each of her four types of beauty. Her daughter shares the emotions she felt when she was wearing clothes that reflected her own type of beauty as well as the three other types. 

My takeaway is that Anne looks great to me in each outfit, but she feels less than comfortable in every style except her own. Read the article here: http://dressingyourtruth.com/4-types-of-anne/

When YOU Decide You Look Good in Hats, You Will Look Good In Hats

When I was in my 20's I tried on a few hats that others said I looked great in, but I just didn't feel comfortable. They just weren't 'me.'  Has this happened to you? 

Luckily, I didn't decide that I looked bad in all hats, so I was open to trying on hats in my 30's and ended up finding quite a few that I liked! 

Find out more about Dressing Your Truth here: http://youtu.be/f93yG0CXls0

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  1. What a great post Kathleen. I have been starting to wear hats, and you are exactly right about finding the 'right' hat. There are some styles that just don't feel right on me, but I am becoming more and more comfortable with the selection process. By the way, I too have taken the Dressing Your Truth course and found it to be very helpful.

  2. Absolutely!!! You and I have chatted about this before, but I'll mention it again. Growing up, in a world where hats typically meant baseball caps and shapeless, floppy denim numbers with flowers pinned to the front, neither of which I looked good in, I really thought (must as I loved them) that I was a hat person. Not the case at all! It just took trying on some vintage hats as a teenager to quickly discover that I was indeed a hat person and that I could look and feel good in a wide array of chapeau styles. I'm so happy my love of vintage fashion steered me towards old toppers so that I could discover that I was indeed a hat person - a vintage hat person!!! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I agree. When you decide you look good in hats, you will look good in hats! It takes a little practice and then voila. The power of hats becomes one's own.

  4. When selling hats I find this to be most true. Women decide whether or not they look 'good' in hats whether or not it is true. I usually invite them to let me try to find a style that will look good on them. Most women will look good in hats if they pick a color or neutral that works with their coloring,warm tones or cool tones. Most women will look good in a hat if the texture of the straw is similar to their own personal degree of hair texture and skin texture,ie the more texture in your hair and skin the more textured the straw should be. The third element is the squareness of the shoulder line and the length of the neckline. Individuals with long necks and square shoulders will look good in a broader scope of hat sizes and brim sizes. The shorter the neck and the less square the shoulder the smaller the brim sizes need to be. Crown shape will compliment the tip of your nose. If you have a pointed nose then Fedora style crowns will look great. None of the rules are hard and fast but what I consider when recommending hats to novice hat wearers.

  5. I agree!!! I've loved hats since I was a little girl and luckily my mum had lots for me to wear. I remember going to a garden party in a large straw hat with flowers on and knowing it suited me!!! I declared, aged 7, I wanted a beret and bought a cornflower blue one from Laura Ashley with my pocket money!!
    High brimmed hats DON'T suit me but most others do! X

  6. I really wish I could look good in every hat I like but that's not the case all time. Nice to be back here Kathleen ... Happy New Year too!!


  7. I've always liked the look of hats, but I never really liked the feel of them on my head. I found out later on why this was, though! I always like to wear my hair up, and most hats will fall off or teeter precariously if you've got a thick bun or chignon. No wonder it felt weird! And I certainly wasn't going to let my hair down, because then I'd have to fuss and worry about it all day and it would get caught in zippers and get sweaty and such. And then I found the floppy Summer hat! (NOT the same as a bucket hat) and I realized the head opening was wider so there was more room for my hair. It's great! Now I can wear hats and get some sun protection. But I still wear scarves on my hair in Winter as it's very warm and it doesn't get a single hair mussed.

  8. Hope that all is well. Miss your voice in Blog Land!


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